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Akili and Dell partner for SAP SAPPHIRE NOW

Akili and Dell will Partner at SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW Conference May 16-19 in Orlando, FL to bring together Best Practice Solutions for Oil & Gas

Alan Boyer to speak Tuesday, May 17 @ 3PM Eastern at Dell’s Theatre booth #437

Take a look at our Best Practices for Oil & Gas solution highlights:

Akili’s 20+ years of Oil & Gas industry experience has allowed us to create an SAP Certified Pre-configured ERP solution for Upstream Oil & Gas.

XStream WebcastERP

Akili’s XStream solution includes:

A Growth platform – Current & Future

  • Single, scalable platform based upon SAP standard solutions and best practices
  • Meets your current & future requirements
  • Compliance: IFRS, Sarbanes-Oxley, …

Upstream Oil & Gas Industry Focus

  • SAP All in One Certified solution on HANA for Upstream Oil & Gas
  • Delivers RAPID time to value; minimizes risk
  • Industry best practices – built in
  • Customer & industry/cross-industry participation drives innovation
  • SAP & Akili = a low-risk, high-gain partner

Operational Excellence & Standardization

  • Pre-integrated solution provides single source of the truth; company-wide
  • Standardized, Industry business practices to eliminate cost overhead
  • REAL-TIME information improves insight and efficiency for proactive decision-making



Pre-Configured Migration Content to Support the Entire Data Migration Process

  • Data extraction: SAP BusinessObjects Data Services tool helps to connect to most known legacy systems to extract legacy data (master & transaction)
  • Data mapping: Data mapping and restructuring functionality supports all the major master data business objects required to configure SAP Business All-in-One as the target system
  • Data validation: Contains predefined content for business logic validation and data quality improvement. Dashboards to identify and visualize data errors early in the process
  • Data load: Contains program to activate the Idoc’s needed for the data migration process
    Reconcile data: Right data to support the business process



Akili’s BPC Solution enables Upstream Oil & Gas Industry Opportunities

  • Integrate operational systems and data into planning systems allowing a proactive response to changing operating conditions.
  • Use a driver based model to evaluate multiple assumptions or scenarios.
  • Quickly assess new opportunities.
  • Flow these changes through driver based models to assess the impact on profitability, debt and cash flow.

Alan Boyer is the VP of Professional Services at Akili Inc., a Dallas-based business management and technology consulting firm that helps improve our client’s business performance through the application of technology, people and process. Akili’s long-standing client relationships speak to our expertise, client-focus, and results-oriented standards of excellence. Alan has over 25 years’ experience leading both IT and professional services organizations with industry expertise including oil & gas, telecom, manufacturing, and distribution among Global 2000 firms.

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