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Best Practices for Oil & Gas

Akili is sponsoring the upcoming Best Practices for Oil & Gas Conference, Oct. 6-9 in Dallas, TX!


The Best Practices for Oil & Gas conference has emerged as a leading forum for upstream, midstream, downstream, and oil field services professionals to collaborate across the value chain. For the third consecutive year, hundreds of oil and gas professionals will unite to embrace new technologies, fresh ideas, and innovative solutions to enhance their current and future SAP initiatives.

This year’s program features first-hand knowledge on how SAP solutions have been successfully implemented and managed at oil and gas organizations with eight tracks of content. In addition, the program offers essential expertise from the industry’s top leaders, innovators, SAP experts, and ASUG members with keynote presentations, ASUG-led roundtables, and interactive workshops.

The exhibit floor features leading technology and service partners, and provides a closer look at their solutions and services. A collaboration of SAP, ASUG, and The Eventful Group, Best Practices for Oil & Gas will take place October 6-9, 2013, in Dallas, Texas.

For more information and to find out how you can save on your registration visit

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