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DISH Network Supply Chain Success Story: A Journey to Collaborative Planning

Akili customer DISH Network shares their Supply Chain Success Story

As the market for digital television became increasingly saturated and competition for customers intensified, companies such as DISH Network moved to a technology-driven business model that would enable an agile supply chain. Partnering with Anaplan, DISH re-engineered its supply chain to meet growth objectives and satisfy consumer demand for an ever-greater variety of products and services.

Anaplan offers a solution that can reduce end-to-end supply chain costs and profitably align your supply chain to market opportunities.

Anaplan Supply Chain

View the Slideshare presentation below on how DISH Network is planning to boost profits and reduce the cost of holding inventory by eliminating manual, spreadsheet-driven processes.

Contact Akili for additional information about Anaplan’s Supply Chain capabilities for your company at

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