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My First 90 Days at Akili: Josh Huilar


By Josh Huilar | Anaplan Consultant

When I first think of Akili, two words come to mind: Culture and fun. In fact, at Akili, they are one and the same. Many companies tout the mantra of “Work Hard, Play Hard”, but is it really work if you truly enjoy your job and the people you work with?

That’s been my experience at Akili so far.

Coming to Akili was a big decision for me. I am originally from Wisconsin and my career up to this point had been working for much larger organizations based in my home state. I’ve always envisioned working for a smaller firm much later in my career, but I am glad I made the move. Despite its size, Akili offers many of the same benefits and amenities that much larger organizations provide. For those of you considering relocating to the Dallas area it has much to offer, from professional sporting events, live concerts, excellent restaurants, great weather, eclectic neighborhoods, and reasonably affordable housing and cost of living when compared to other major U.S. metropolitan cities.

Here are some highlights from my first 90 days:

Wine & Whiskey Wednesdays: On Wednesdays, everyone in the office takes a break from the hustle and bustle of the work week by pouring a glass or two of their favorite libation after 4:30 P.M.

Chicken Wing Eating Contest: Need I say more?

Office Hoverboards: In previous offices, this would have been an immediate safety violation and not allowed. At first, the hoverboards made me squeamish, but now I find myself cracking a smile anytime I see heads floating above the cubicle walls.

Flexible Work Arrangements: I was able to work remotely in Vegas and Atlanta when I had vacations planned before I came here.

No Office Politics: Our leadership team genuinely wants you to succeed. At Akili it’s pretty simple. Do what is best for your clients and coworkers, and you will succeed.

Overall, I have no regrets joining the Akili family. I follow many of my coworkers on social media and spend time with them on the weekends. Now that I am settled in, my primary focus continues to be managing my current client’s ongoing conversion to Anaplan. Recently, my client identified additional Anaplan projects they would like to undertake, and requested an extension of my work assignment. The best compliment you can receive from a client is an extended work assignment. It demonstrates the client’s trust and confidence in you as a consultant, the firm you represent, and in Akili’s case, Anaplan as their tool of choice to meet their integrated business planning needs.

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