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My First 90 Days at Akili: Pearl Puri

By Pearl Puri | Anaplan Consultant

When you first receive a job offer, there is a sense of skepticism on whether it’s the right job for you.

Well, you do get a sense of what’s in store, but the real question still looms large.

Luckily for me,  it was indeed the right choice.

My initial perception of Akili when I first came in to interview, was that it was a place where I could strike a healthy balance between work and fun. It was evident how valued the ‘fun’ aspect was by looking at the ping pong table and beer on tap near the work space.

My first week on the job was both interesting and reassuring. I was brought up to pace with the technology landscape and expectations were set forth for the near future. The most important part of all, was the introduction of a mentor who has to this day, helped me in all aspects. During the first week, I also realized how important the peers are in helping you get acquainted to the work culture and sorting any queries regarding work. This helped me immensely to transition to a work place environment as someone coming right out of graduate school.

With time spent working on a project, I realized how I had already inherited the Akili core values, even though it had been a month. I was extremely dedicated in providing robust solutions to clients with inspiration from my colleagues who I saw exemplifying the Akili spirit. I also acknowledged that the ‘fun’ part of the work extremely complemented the challenges my new position brought, which helped me to grow holistically.

One distinct thing I learned about the company, is how well we are respected by our clients. This not only helped me in delivering quality solutions, but also ensured that those solutions exceeded our clients’ expectations.

In continuation of this journey, I look forward to working on other challenging projects and bringing more value to the firm. Working at Akili has been a tremendous learning experience and it has been fun to be a part of this amazing family.

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