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New Hire Spotlight: Feeling Good About My Team


By Shannon Bachar | Social Media & Content Specialist

The moment I arrived for my first day, I knew that Akili was a company that truly cared about its employees and their success.

After a friendly greeting, I was taken to a desk set up to fit my needs. There, I was welcomed with Akili swag and photos of some of the “finest badasses in all of the universe” that I’d be working alongside. As you know, first day impressions are crucial.

And to me, Akili nailed it.

The weeks following have continued to affirm my initial impression that Akili is a company that, of course, wants to drive results but ultimately, promotes the importance of employee satisfaction (because happy employees equals increased performance and productivity).

Here are some things I’ve learned since that first day:

You don’t have to be a one-trick pony

So, far I’ve dipped my feet into other facets of marketing where I previously haven’t had the chance and therefore, my days have been anything but monotonous. That’s a great thing about Akili: we’re bright as individuals but outstanding as a team. Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something different is encouraged. Everyone gets to contribute and is equipped with whatever they need to reach that level of success.

Which brings me to my next experience.

Your contribution matters

I’ve been given feedback for essentially everything I do, so I always know where I stand and what I need to do to improve. At the same time, I am never micromanaged because the most important thing is that I get my work done.

This company treats you like the adult that you are. You’re not another face to replace, but an individual with the tools and power to make a difference.

You’ll work hard, but will play hard, too

One of the first emails I read was an invitation to an office putt-putt tournament and happy hour.

Is this a real thing? Can’t say I’ve ever heard of that at an office.

At Akili I’ve noticed that this team works hard and excels at what they do. But not without a little fun along the way. Don’t be surprised if you see someone gliding down the aisles on a hoverboard or a competitive ping-pong match taking place in the hall. Work life balance is key here, because if you don’t have fun, you won’t succeed.

You can openly communicate

The open-door policy here is something I’ve come to enjoy. No more calling someone a couple desks away for a simple question. In addition, the meetings feel more inclusive because everyone is an active participant.

Have a comment for CEO Shiek Shah? Walk right over to his office and strike up a conversation. At Akili, our leader isn’t a face we only see on the company website.

The weeks are flying by, and with everything I’ve experienced so far, I can say with confidence that Akili is truly a company built upon knowledge, passion and culture.

And with that kind of focus, I think I’ll stick around.

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