Our Team


Ajay Dadsena

BI Architect
Ajay loves to research and solve complex IT scenarios. He holds a Masters in Computer Applications and has worked in SAP technology for 14+ years. Acting Roman.. so… of course he likes the Cowboys, also playing tennis and messing with people’s minds!

Aline Koch

Project Manager
Aline’s love of learning is manifest in her passion for solving data problems. She fits every role: BI, Analytics, Data Warehousing, Data Integration, Data Conversion, EDI, MDM, Data Architecture, Data Strategy…
Anali Cropped

Anali Rosas

Anaplan Consultant

Angela Budagher

Office Manager

Anthony Bellcourt

Business Planning Consultant

Ben Goodson

Business Planning Consultant

Ben Say

Senior Consultant & Project Manager
Ben (2)

Ben Wilmoth

Anaplan Consultant
Ben loves working with clients to help their business run more efficiently. Challenges facing today’s businesses can range wildly and sometimes be hard to understand. But with the great minds at Akili, I subscribed whole-heartedly to the maxim "We will figure it out!”

Bryan Betzer

Anaplan Consultant
Bryan brings well-balanced experience between consulting & industry to his assignments. He embraces diversity in team settings and problem-solving exercises.
Chase Cantwell

Chase Cantwell

Anaplan Consultant

Chris Allen

Anaplan Consultant

Chris Kent

Business Planning Consultant
Christina Cropped

Christina Neubauer

Business Development

Craig Tennant

Senior EPM Architect
Craig empowers people to align with their deepest truths. That usually means some level of discomfort until transformation occurs. Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon!
Dan Cropped

Dan Vollmer

Sr. Sales Executive

Darla Linder

Staff Accountant

David Allen

SAP S/4HANA Solutions
David focuses on building sustainable business solutions for customers utilizing SAP applications. He provides strong management expertise pertaining to both domestic and international teams to ensure a customer receives the highest value on their SAP solution.

Debbie Durham

Human Resources and Accounting
Dia Cropped

Dia Chowdhury

PRA Consultant
Dia is passionate about solving problems and thus adding value to people’s lives. She is motivated by the pace and challenges of consulting life!

Jake Prince

Anaplan Consultant
Jake is an energetic young professional who enjoys helping clients improve efficiency through data modeling solutions. In his free time, he plays sand volleyball and grows a mean mustache.

James Cannon

Anaplan Consultant
James is a Good Samaritan, washed-up athlete, and especially gifted napper who does not love long walks on the beach. Former and current regional champion*, in two different weight classes, for problem-solving. *Credible citations lacking
Jeff Cropped

Jeff Dimick

Business Planning Consultant
Jeff is from Colorado and loves the sunshine, mountains, and blue skies. He has been working in finance and technology for 20+ years and enjoys both the management and development aspects. Life is all about experiencing, learning, growing, connecting, and loving!
Josh Cropped

Josh Huilar

Anaplan Consultant

Joyce Sellers

Senior Business Planning Consultant
Joyce is passionate about problem-solving and delivering efficient, quality solutions for clients. This passion is evident in both her work ethic, deliverables and knowledge she shares. Quality is never an accident...it is always the result of intelligent effort.

Julie Ziemer

Project Manager
Julie loves adding value to our client's organizations through team work, collaboration, sharing experience and focusing on success. Julie can wear many hats, as long as she is having fun: Accounting Process Expert, Analyst, Model Builder, Project Manager, Mentor, Grunt Worker, Cowboy, and Baseball.

Keith Fenske

IT Consultant
Kevin Cropped

Kevin Boardman

Business Planning Consultant

Lindsey Godier

Corporate Recruiter

Mark Butler

Business Process & Organizational Change Management
In the world of BPI and OCM, no two days are alike…EVER! Mark is a die-hard fan of client collaboration, and enjoys facilitating the process of guided discovery in search of solutions to business problems.

Megan O’Connell

Account Executive

Michael Steen

Technical Services Manager
Michael has a passion for using technology to optimize business processes. He has a BBA concentration in Strategic Management, a Master degree in Business Administration, and holds certifications in Cisco and Microsoft solutions as well as ITIL and Project Management (PMP).

Neeti Agarwal

Business Planning Consultant
Patrick Cropped

Patrick Payne

Sr. Sales Executive

Paul Petersen

Senior Business Planning Consultant
In college, Paul was the front man for a speed metal band called ‘Massively Parallel’. Paul served 3 tours in Vietnam and has 178 confirmed kills. **Editor's note: No credible evidence to support claims.
Pearl Cropped

Pearl Puri

Anaplan Consultant

Phoebe Hardwicke

Anaplan Consultant

Sara Lee McLindon

Senior Business Planning Consultant
Sara Lee loves the thrill of the hunt when it comes to locating issues and the satisfaction in resolving problems, even when standard methods are not sufficient and out-of-the-box solutions must be applied.
Shannon Cropped (2)

Shannon Bachar

Social Media & Content Specialist

Stephen Day

Business Planning Consultant
Stephen is currently starring in his own reality show titled, "A Modern Cinderella: One Man’s Search for Love and Shoes." **SCHEDULING NOTE: Check your local listings, but don't hold your breath

Tamara Glaspie

Basis Consultant
Tamara enjoys finding creative solutions when the obvious ones don’t work - and quality means everything! She delivers the best quality service she possibly can and does so with a smile.

Suman Ogeti

ERP Consultant

Viral Patel

EIM Consultant