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Solar Energy company uses Anaplan for Financial Consolidations

Solar Energy company uses Anaplan for Financial Consolidations, reducing month-end and quarter-end consolidations processes from 10 days to 5 days.

Client Profile

Location: San Francisco, CA
Industry: Energy Renewables & Environment
Products and Services: Solar Energy, Solar Service, Clean energy
Revenue: $305 Million
Employees: 1001-5000
Solution: Anaplan
Implementation Partner: Akili

Situation and Challenges

  • Client needed a fully functioning consolidations model to replace its previous excel solution.
  • The previous consolidations process was manually intensive and difficult to scale.
  • Intricate income statement mapping caused complex reporting challenges.

Project Objective

  • Create a consolidations model that would allow for a more efficient month-end process and provide dynamic visibility for senior management.

Implementation Highlights

  • Akili worked closely with the client’s accounting team to ensure a complete understanding of its financial consolidations process.
  • Daily touch points with the client’s subject matter experts allowed for transparency and understanding of the model design.
  • Client had all (100%) of the data extracts from source systems prior to the start of the project.
  • Aggressive five-week project timeline was completed on time, including client training.

Solution Benefits

  • All consolidation journal entries were moved to Anaplan online for complete visibility across the organization rather than having them staggered throughout multiple excel files.
  • The month-end and quarter-end consolidations processes were reduced from 10 days to 5 days.

Why Akili/Anaplan

  • Akili has extensive experience implementing consolidations solutions across multiple industries.
  • Akili was chosen because of its strong track record with Anaplan implementations at scale

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