Learn from SM Energy’s experience, working with Akili, to accelerate their process for asset assimilation

Upstream Oil & Gas companies strategically look to acquire assets as a method for growth and market penetration. The integration of those new assets into their SAP environment is critical to gain the most value from the acquisition.  Frequently the data conversion to an SAP system is considered a trivial task and is given inadequate attention in the overall integration timeline.  A proper data conversion strategy is key to the success of supporting these assets within SAP.  While working with SM Energy during their SAP ERP implementation, Akili developed a rapid deployment data migration solution to accelerate the conversion of critical data to support an acquisition.

View the presentation below for insight into leveraging the following with your next new asset assimilation:

  • A SAP Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) that can be quickly deployed in your environment using standard SAP tools (Data Services)
  • Over 70 pre-built data load objects
  • A pre-defined data load process with key tasks and dependencies to optimize the data load time
  • Pre-developed error reporting to assist with data quality issue identification
  • Tools to support auditing of the conversion process