Akili is contacted frequently by organizations who have chosen another implementation partner first, and started the project, only to discover that the firm did not have the capabilities or expertise to fulfill their commitment and deliver a successful solution.

In other situations, companies will reach out indicating that they completed the project, but the solution was designed and implemented so poorly that there is practically no utilization or adoption.

The issue is rarely the software choice. And in light of Akili’s consistent delivery track record, we know a successful implementation with a high-performing and well-adopted solution is achievable.

If your company ends up in a similar situation, Akili would be happy to work with you to identify the right path forward to best leverage your current technology investment. Through our health check and evaluation process, we can help to diagnose the biggest challenges and identify the most direct and impactful project remediation plan.

Sometimes, this may be as simple as utilizing our Business Process Management team to identify opportunities for process improvement and/or Organizational Change Management activities.  In other instances, the right approach may be to make some improvements to the overall design or execution of the solution to ensure both user and management adoption and satisfaction.

Either way, working with Akili for your project adoption guarantees a working solution for your company.