By David Allen | SAP S/4HANA Solutions

At Akili, we focus on aligning our people, processes, and delivery to customers around our core values. As we change and develop as a consulting company, the one constant is our allegiance to our value system. In this post on our core values, I have the opportunity to discuss excellence, which we describe as:

Excellence: Mediocrity is not an option. We prize innovation and consistently strive to better our standards for speed, efficiency, and quality.

In no way do we take excellence as an attribute of being better than someone else or better than another company. In fact, our goal with excellence is to be humble, since there is always room for improvement. To be excellent is to define a point in time and at Akili, our goal is to innovate and consistently strive for more. There is a quote by Aristotle that states:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”

In fact, excellence is the outcome of excelling at a combination of other habits in the workplace. So, what is Akili doing day-to-day to achieve excellence?

Akili focuses on delivering business value and not just technology solutions. Business value is focused on the people, the process, and the technology. In any project, these three components are impacted differently, but all of them are impacted with every project. Our goal with our delivery methodology at Akili is to ensure the customer has complete transparency on that impact within each project.

An example of the ‘people side’ of the solution delivery can be described around the change management activity within a project. As with all projects, there is a limit to the available budget, timeline, or available resources. When there is a budget limitation, a customer may want to handle the change management requirements of the project directly. Many consulting firms will remove that scope from the project plan, but at Akili we simply change the ownership on the plan and continue to monitor the activity of the customer with our project manager. The success of the project will be graded on the entire project delivery, even when it may not be in Akili’s direct deliverables. No matter how well the technology solution that Akili delivers solves the problem, the technology will not be impactful unless the business understands that change and embraces it. It will not be impactful or achieve optimal business value unless it is balanced across the people, process, and technology. Our goal with our projects is to be an independent advisor that is accountable and results-oriented.

Akili chose excellence for a core value, not because it is easy to achieve, but because it is difficult. Success is shown each day by our customer’s commitment to utilize Akili for multiple projects, by the longevity of our team with a very low turnover rate, and by the recognition we receive by our community and partners.

When was the last time you looked at your consulting partner and thought they represented excellence?