By Max Gough | Senior Account Executive

The reason we do things is more important than the things we do.

Within the first week of joining Akili, the first thing that struck me was the cast of characters around the office and the culture of individual empowerment.  Obviously, friends and family have asked “so, what are the people/culture like at Akili?”, etc. In all candor, I was struggling for the right phrase that captured this entourage…then it hit me! “Band of Brothers.” 

Similar to the acclaimed movie Band of Brothers, the plot soon had little to do with the Normandy invasion but quickly evolved into a mission of passion; an unsuspecting group, bonded by a higher purpose, not simply to survive the day.

Similar to the first principle in the book Good to Great, “First Who, Then What,” beginning in 1992, Akili’s CEO, Shiek Shah has carefully crafted a group of people who share two very similar DNA traits; a passion for ethical reasoning and raw analytical talent. Focused more on the reason they do things rather than the things that they do, this Band of Brothers (and sisters!) has for 20 years, experienced record growth and unquestionable customer loyalty.

Here at our Headquarters in Las Colinas, I often wonder if our fellow tenants ponder about the cast of characters dressed in everything from business attire to shorts and flip-flops (okay, it’s about 90% shorts and flip-flops) and wonder “what the hell is Akili all about?!” Don’t let the hoverboards, loud laughter and casual environment fool you, my friend. Because behind those doors are some of the most highly respected and sought-after SAP and Anaplan professionals in North America. When it comes to disciplined thought and disciplined action that’s driven by a unified passion of “why” not “what,” “Band of Brothers” perfectly describes this entourage called Akili. I hope one day to call it home. ­­