By Sean Granfield | Director of Marketing and Alliances

The foundation of Akili’s 20+ years of success has been our belief in Priority: Our existing clients come first and the expansion of our business will not be pursued to the detriment of service levels to those clients. They are our partners and it is our responsibility to take care of them.

We have been extremely fortunate throughout our company history to hire employees that believe and live this critical core value. Through this expression of loyalty to our customers, Akili has built relationships with individuals and companies that have spanned decades. Against an ever-evolving landscape of technologies, partners, employee makeup and delivery methods, we have always placed current customer needs at the forefront of our business outlook.

This means we will drop everything if the situation involving your customer’s needs calls for it. Do everything necessary to ensure that proper support is given to any client situation that needs resolving. It’s not unheard of for our leadership team to get involved under the right circumstance. This approach of service consistently separates Akili from our competition and has earned us the loyalty of our customers; whether they move within their company or, in many cases, move to new companies.

Underlying the decision to prioritize our use of resources in client relationships versus new sales pursuits or internal initiatives is a conviction that what’s best for our customers is best for our company. Every Akili customer is important and should be appreciated and respected in order to earn their business not only today, but tomorrow and the next. Taking customers for granted or giving them less than top priority is a fast way to lose them.

We believe our customers dictate the business success of Akili. Their needs will always be the top most consideration in every decision-making process. The faster we’re able to solve our client’s problems and respond to their needs in a satisfactory manner, the further ahead of our competition we will be.

It’s simply the foundation of our business.