By Shannon Bachar | Marketing Coordinator

TeamworkAs individuals we’re bright. As a team, brilliant. We believe that great people working together can accomplish the extraordinary.

At Akili, no one stands alone. Teamwork is essential at this organization and is one of the reasons we are successful today.

It’s evident that we exercise teamwork at the office. I mean, it’s a part of our everyday practice and necessary to finishing projects to complete client satisfaction.

However, I’ve noticed that focusing on building teamwork outside of the office, leads to even greater achievements inside. So rather than share how we practice teamwork within these glass doors, I have a couple of outside experiences that immediately come to mind.

One instance in particular, is when our team went rock climbing. I felt like calling it quits for the day after a couple of climbs, when my fellow Akilians convinced me to go for a tougher course for one final go. One of my coworkers offered to be a belayer and the other was helping to guide me where to climb next. About halfway through I was ready to give up, as both my arms and legs were trembling from the effort. Instead of bringing me back down to solid ground like I pleaded, my team expressed confidence and pushed me to keep going to the top.

I finally made my way to the top and by no means was it an individual effort. In that moment, I was proud that these were the kind of people that I worked with. They’re the ones that help you push the envelope to be the best that you can be, and you never feel like you’re alone on the path to success. We all want each other to benefit and will work as a team to get there, even if it means you don’t receive individual praise.

In addition to one-off team building events, a more obvious teamwork activity is the Dallas Marathon relay we run every year. We put two teams up against each other with no real pressure to perform, only to work together and have fun along the way. The marathon relay truly exemplifies teamwork, as we each bring intensity to get a decent time and encourage both teams at the wristband hand-offs. After, we all meet up for drinks and congratulate one another for putting in the work to finish.

Each of these experiences prove that we Akilians maximize our strengths, bringing out the best in one another to work toward a common goal. We do more than get along. We show the ability to put the needs of Akili above our own and place each other in the best position to succeed. We all have something unique to bring to the table to accomplish the ‘extraordinary’.

The fact that Akili emphasizes getting together outside of the office speaks volumes. When you get to know your coworkers in a casual setting over a drink or fun activity, you build a stronger relationship and value it, not ever wanting to let them down. Therefore, teamwork at the office becomes almost seamless.

And I believe that’s why we continue to succeed.