Akili Inc., an Oil & Gas industry focused IT consulting firm,  recently joined the Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association, which defines and creates standards to help oil and gas companies manage exploration and production data.

As a member of PPDM, Akili is committed to leveraging the world’s leading petroleum data model by incorporating the oil and gas data management standards that PPDM has built around business rules and best practices into their client’s projects.

“The lack of data management, integration, and low thresholds of data has prevented O&G companies from making the best possible decisions,” said Akili’s BI Practice leader, Kyle Johnstone.  “By leveraging PPDM to create a higher degree of system harmonization and centralized reporting through a trusted source, Oil & Gas companies are enabled to operate more efficiently and increase profitability.  Ultimately the data integration will allow them to be more strategic in how they approach future challenges.”

Through the PPDM Association, petroleum data experts gather together worldwide in a collaborative, round table approach to engineer business driven, pragmatic data management standards that meet industry needs.  Key standards include the Public Petroleum Data Model, What is a Well, Well Status and Classification, Well Identification best practices, data rules and more.

Akili’s PPDM membership enhances its oil and gas knowledge through tools and knowledge in the field of oil and gas data management standards, best practices, and education.

About Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association

The Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association is a global, not-for-profit society within the petroleum industry that provides leadership for the professionalization of petroleum data management through the development and dissemination of best practices and standards, education programs, certification programs and professional development opportunities. For 22 years, PPDM has represented and supported the needs of operating companies, regulators, software vendors, data vendors, consulting companies and management professionals around the globe.