Are you prepared for the Data Migration Challenge?

Akili has developed Pre-configured Migration Content to Support the Entire Data Migration Process for an ERP Program

  • Data extraction: SAP BusinessObjects Data Services tool helps to connect to most known legacy systems to extract legacy data (master & transaction).
  • Data mapping: Data mapping and restructuring functionality supports all the major master data business objects required to configure SAP Business All-in-One as the target system.
  • Data validation: Contains predefi ned content for business logic validation and data quality improvement. Dashboards to identify and visualize data errors early in the process.
  • Data load: Contains program to activate the Idoc’s needed for the data migration process.
  • Reconcile data: Right data to support the business process.

Benefits Achieved

  • Poor quality master data unable to support core business processes.
  • Lack of quality data can make new system unusable.
  • Return on investment is at risk if implementation is delayed.
  • Surprises early in a project can be managed – surprises late in a project are a huge problem.
  • Inability to track and manage the project can cause “surprises” late in the project.

Check out the presentation below for more details: