Dominos stock is up 45% this year in an intensely competitive business. You can order Dominos pizza with an emoji on Twitter or a Facebook messenger bot. They are experimenting delivering pizzas by drones – soon, you will be able to get them delivered to you in a park!

Ripple effect examples include how Air B&B is affecting hotels. How Uber has affected taxis, Ford motor company, rental car companies, and even insurance companies. Ford has just announced that it is going down dual track– The foundation as a car manufacturer and a new path as a transportation services provider – self driving cars, electric cars and ride sharing services.

Upstarts have skyrocketed in profitability because of technology creating instant access to their products and services. Think Uber, AirBnB, Dollar Shave club, BAI,, Blue Nile, Zillow, We work, Zocdoc

Survival of the incumbents like Amazon, Home Depot, Esurance, Netflix has only been possible from their ability to quickly pivot and invest in the newest and best modifications they can make to streamline and improve their business practices.

We are all watching the elephant in the room – Walmart to see if they can shift/pivot and continue to compete with companies that are more nimble and innovative and ahead in the shared economy game.

A great example of a winning company is Amazon. Famous losers who failed to adapt when disruption was looming include Blackberry, Blockbuster, Borders/Barnes and Nobles. Brick and mortar retail, Realtors, Travel agents, etc. are all on the verge of becoming obsolete unless they can rethink and recapture their customers through the value of their core competencies that can’t be found somewhere else faster or cheaper.

The Winning Upstarts

The Winning Incumbents