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Enabling Faster, Real-Time Response to Business Trends

Corporate Performance Management. Integrated Business Planning. Enterprise Performance Management. Supply Chain Planning. Sales Performance Management. Regardless of what companies call it, businesses need to plan. And to achieve the best results, the planning needs to be integrated across different functions of the organization including Finance, Operations and Sales. Akili knows business planning. We also know that business planning has become even more critical in the face of ever increasing global competition. Most companies are beginning to realize they cannot plan in functional silos. Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing need to become much more tightly coupled in order to give business leaders the insights they need to run the business.

Akili has assisted businesses of every size and industry to adopt business planning solutions to gain better visibility and insights in order to create better integrated business plans. The immediate feedback these solutions provide help our clients to react more quickly to new opportunities and avoid critical risks.

Our business planning solutions will provide your company with more complete consolidated information to give you the insights you need to create better cross-functional integrated plans.

Akili’s Business Planning (Cross-Functional Planning Solutions)

  • For Finance: Enterprise Performance Management, Financial Planning and Analysis, Budgeting and Forecasting, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Forecasting, Capital Expenditures Planning,  Workforce Planning, Financial Consolidations and Financial Reporting
  • For Operations: Supply Chain Management, Demand Planning, Sales and Operations Planning, and Project Planning
  • For Sales: Sales Planning, Territory and Quota Planning, Incentive Compensation Planning, Commissions Calculations, Sales Capacity Planning, and Trade and Promotion Planning

Akili has business planning consulting experience in almost every industry.  In addition, we have several pre-built solutions in the following industries:

  • For Oil & Gas: Upstream Oil & Gas planning including Production, Revenue, Capital and OpEx driver based planning with fully integrated Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow impacts
  • For Retail: Detailed product/location-level build-up of planned Revenue & COGS, Cost and Discount allocations, Comparable Store calculations and analysis
  • For High-Tech Manufacturing: Driver-based Plant Production planning along with Product Group and/or SKU-level Revenue planning leading to full financial statement planning & reporting.