It is a brave new world!

We are living in an online, on demand, shared economy of pay as you go, subscription based shared services with limited or no commitments required. It makes everything move extremely fast with unbelievable flexibility – making it a daily challenge just to keep up!

This is not a limited trend or passing fad. It affects every city, demographic, industry and line of business. Think about the shared resources you tap into on a daily basis – utilities like electricity, gas, and water resources, delivered via methods you simply plug into or subscribe to. Cable, data, apps, music, streaming media of all sorts. Goods and services too – Uber, Blue Apron, Stitch Fix, Dollar Shave Club.

Changes to the goods and services purchasing habits in our economy is transforming the competitive business landscape. Disruption is hitting from all sides and those unprepared to re-think, shift directions, rebuild will soon be obsolete if they aren’t already!