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Transforming Data into Insight and Opportunity

“In an ideal world, data would come in clean, easy to download CSVs, and everything would be lovely. The world is cruel, however.” – Idrees Kahloon

When enterprise data is complete, accurate and accessible, it can empower employees to make better decisions, drive operational excellence, ensure regulatory compliance, and minimize IT costs. The characteristics of good information are: valid, reliable, timely, fit-for-purpose, accessible, cost-effective, sufficiently accurate, relevant, having the right level of detail, understandable by the user and derived from a source in which the user has confidence.

So why do so many companies struggle to derive the needed value from their data assets? We believe that one of the biggest challenges is that companies address these issues as a project or set of projects. Or, they throw technology at the problem.  Akili takes an organizational assessment of current data issues and creates a strategy to address systemic problems.  Akili’s Data and Analytic solutions include:

  •  Clearly defined business processes for Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Stewardship and Data Analytics that fit your organization. We help all participants understand their role and how their role supports the entire organization, which is critical to supporting the full adoption of technology solutions.
  • Defining how your company manages your data assets over the long term. Our team can work with you to define the organization, and to support and maintain your technology and business.  These processes are to ensure long term value is derived from your enterprise information.
  • Designing, configuring and deploying technology solutions that support integration, data quality, data consistency,  data cleansing and data analytics.

Akili Utilizes Business Process and Technical Solutions for Data and Analytics

  • For Information Governance: Data Governance Model for Master Data Management
  • For Enterprise Integration: Integration framework design; Integration between on premise applications, Cloud applications, and Third Party applications; Data profiling, Cleansing, Conversions, and Migrations
  • For Hybrid System Integration: On-Premise, On-Premise to Cloud, & Cloud to Cloud integration
  • For Analytics: SAP Cloud for Analytics for Business Intelligence, Planning, Predictive and Boardroom

Akili has industry consulting experience, including pre-built solutions in the following industries:

  • For Energy: Akili’s Data Conversion RDS is a proven solution based upon SAP Data Services Best Practices that provides data conversion templates and methodologies to complete data transformations and provide analysis of the data quality.