Join Akili Thursday, February 18 @11AM

Data is driving critical business decisions on a daily basis.  How many times are meetings about reconciling data issues instead of dealing with strategic business questions? Webcast teaser

In volatile economic conditions, it is important that companies achieve the highest value from their company’s technology investments.  Increased value can only be achieved through high quality, integrated data among systems.

It is important for companies to:

  • Consolidate master data governance for all systems into a single framework
  • Cleanse, normalize, and enrich master data
  • Synchronize master data and use global attributes to ensure the flow of consistent information

Your company data should be based upon a single truth that provides trustworthy insights for strategic decision making. Akili focuses on aligning technology, business process, and the underlying data to achieve business value.

This webcast will be focused on how a company can get their data back into alignment through integration and consolidation strategies.  Whether you are looking to streamline your existing systems or convert to a new system, Akili can provide the technology solutions and project management methodology to drive success.

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