Working remotely, Solution Architect Neeti Agarwal views Akili as an environment that feels like being among friends every time she’s back in the Dallas office. This week we learned more about her and what makes Akili unique.  

Tell us more about your role and what you like most about it.

I am a Solution Architect at Akili and that means I get to work on SAP BPC and Anaplan projects. The best part about my job is that is never gets boring. Every project has a new set of challenges and there are many creative ways to solve different problems so it keeps things interesting.

What drew you to Akili? Is Akili what was described to you and what you expected?

I was drawn to Akili by its culture. It’s one of those places where titles and hierarchy don’t define you. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and people are valued for what they bring to the table. It creates a very open, relaxed atmosphere, which is great for introverts like me because I can walk up to anyone and ask for help or speak what’s on my mind.

What’s your favorite Akili memory?

I can never forget the first time I visited the Akili office. I was quite anxious to be in a new office and working with a new project team but everyone was so nice and helpful that I immediately felt at home. Since then, every time I visit the office it feels like being among friends.

What makes Akili stand out from the rest?

Akili is a unique company because of its people, its culture and its core values. Our leadership team values all employees and treats people as they want to be treated themselves. As a result, you have an amazing group of people working in an environment that is fun, collaborative and challenging.

What are 3 career lessons you’ve learned thus far?

  1. Always be professional and nice. It’s a very small world and you never know who you may end up working with again.
  2. A healthy work-life balance is crucial to being happy. I feel happy at work when I’m happy with myself and a big part of that is making time for both work and personal activities as much as possible.
  3. There’s something to be learned every day. With changing technologies, workplaces are constantly evolving, so always be ready to absorb new information.

What advice do you have for prospective candidates?

  1. Consider what is important to you when selecting a company. Evaluate the culture, benefits, and long-term growth opportunities and then decide which place checks most of the boxes on your list.
  2. Titles don’t bring happiness.
  3. Being open to adapt and change opens a lot more opportunities.

What has been the most important innovation you have witnessed in your lifetime?

Cellphones. I remember when I first got my mobile phone and how delighted I was that it had a backlit keyboard and 10 different ringtones! I used it only for calls and messages and now I cannot imagine my life without a phone. How did we do anything 10 years ago?

How do you like to spend your free time / what are you passionate about?

My one-year-old soaks up all the “free” time these days. I love spending time with my family and friends. When the weather is nice, I love being outdoors, close to nature, whether it’s hiking, nature walks or scenic drives. My “me” time is taken up by books. I love reading historic fiction or autobiographical novels.

Motto or personal mantra?

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” – Charles R. Swindoll