By Anali Rosas | Anaplan Consultant

When I first started at Akili, my initial impression was, “Wow, everyone here is so incredibly talented. They work hard AND have fun doing it.” As simple as it sounds, it’s a rare combination to find in a corporate job. From the very first day, I was motivated to work and learn everything I could from my colleagues.

And so far, my impression has not changed.

At other companies, seeing an email from the CEO might just be another state of the company address, automated message sent by the executive administrator, or worse – a bearer of bad news. At Akili, you can expect anything from Shiek, like an email blast challenging all of us to a month of burpees. The entire office keeps it light, which makes it enjoyable to come in every day.

When everybody outside of Akili asks how I like my new gig, I respond the same each time – “I’m still waiting for the catch!” There’s always a catch, but not at Akili. I really appreciate the open door policy we have here. There’s a sense of community and accountability from top down.

Beforehand, I was in a completely different field, so I knew starting a job in a new field would be a challenge. My life so far at Akili has been a steep learning curve, which keeps me on my toes! It has been a humbling experience. There’s always something to learn from someone and I definitely do not take my job for granted.

As for the future, I’m looking forward to not being the “new” person anymore! Just kidding. I’m looking forward to participating in the Dallas marathon – our office is quite the competitive one, and we have two relay teams competing this year!