By Patrick Payne | Sr. Sales Executive

My first exposure to Akili was when I was working with a software company in the same building, one floor up, four years ago. I remember doing some research on Akili to see what line of business they were in, after seeing the logo in our building. I found myself intrigued, and I knew that eventually, I wanted to work with a company similar to Akili as I grew further into my career.

Four years later, here I am at Akili, working as an Account Executive managing the central region of the U.S.

In my first few weeks, it was immediately evident that Akili was a unique company. The culture coupled with the company’s twelve core values are sincerely lived out each day. One thing in particular that I’ve been impressed by, is the overall transparency displayed starting with the CEO and trickling down throughout the company.

I’ve also been impressed with the cohesive team approach that is taken in every sales cycle. While some companies might boast this as a differentiator, I’ve experienced first-hand that this isn’t always the case. I was told in the interview process (and more than a few times since) that I would never have to sell alone. This sentiment has more than come into fruition as I’ve already experienced multiple sales opportunities that support this notion.

Additionally, I’ve observed loyalty at Akili on a completely different level than I’ve experienced at other organizations. In my opinion, our outstanding client reference and retention rate has a direct correlation with the loyalty shown here.

Lastly, I’m very grateful to be a part of such an immensely talented and knowledgeable team, and I’m excited about the future direction of Akili. As a contributor to the team, it’s my ongoing goal to help new and prospective clients meet their business planning objectives, while expanding the Akili brand throughout my region.

I feel that this is a really special company, and I look forward to being a part of the many successes that we experience this year and beyond!