Our Financial Planning Services can help you plan, forecast, analyze and report at scale across your entire organization with less effort and more accuracy. Take your business beyond basic budgeting – linking advanced drivers and models to operational and financial plans across finance, sales, operations, and HR with Akili’s FP&A solutions.


Dramatic Changes

Companies operate with constantly evolving plans, and even macro level drivers can change dramatically and abruptly.

Constant Adjustments

Operational plans are constantly adjusted, strategic investments decisions are altered and divestitures can happen quickly, potentially impacting profitability and cash flow.

Lack of accuracy

The need for accurate and timely data is urgent to ensure that decisions are timely and data-based.

Balancing Act

CFO’s are continually balancing cash flow and debt. Planning for debt and cash positions is crucial.

Too much data

CFO’s must be able to evaluate multiple scenarios with moving variables. These scenarios generate large quantities of data.

Poor performance

System performance of existing planning solutions is degrading to unreasonable levels due to large data quantities generated from scenario evaluation.


Plan, manage, and quickly make changes as opportunities and issues demand as an owner and operator

Create plans that answer tough questions through real-time collaboration and forecast with financial or operational drivers that count

Plan more quickly, with more accuracy and less effort across plans, budgets, forecasts, and reports

Build and compare scenarios representing your business with ease and make changes without delay