We have a genuine passion for improving your business.  For Akili, it isn’t about the hottest technology but rather, what the technology can make possible. Our projects begin with stated business objectives and end only when those objectives have been achieved.​

Throughout every implementation, Akili leverages its core capabilities to successfully deliver across the three key components of the project: the System, the Data, and the People.







Akili’s development methodology combines the major benefits of both the Anaplan Way and Agile methodologies augmented with Akili’s best practices gleaned over 25+ years of successful project completion, to ensure that the project focuses on and delivers the desired solution on time and budget, without undo business strain.

Key Aspects of our Methodology:

Agile user stories flow out of the blueprint phase and constitute the user story inventory (or requirements backlog).

The user stories are then prioritized into iterative Development cycles, or sprints, which fit neatly into the realization phase of Activate.

    • Each sprint follows a Design, Build, Test pattern. During the design part of the pattern, user story specifications and prototypes / “mock-ups” are created.
    • The relatively short sprints enable the client to see a constant stream of working software and t provide critical feedback on a timely basis.

Organizational Change Management activities flow across all phases.