Planning and Analytics Solutions for the Office of the CFO Including SAP BPC & BW on HANA with Akili Inc.

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Business Value

Akili’s solution helps CFOs:

  • Run instant complex scenario analysis with Akili’s Planning & Analytics solution on HANA.
  • Develop a robust driver based model to evaluate multiple assumptions or scenarios.
  • Quickly assess new opportunities.
  • Flow these changes through driver based models to quickly assess the impact on profitability, debt and cash flow.
  • Top down and bottom up planning to and from detailed level through allocations and hierarchies.
  • Set top down strategic sales, growth, and volume targets.
  • Reduce time and improve accuracy through automated sales and costs calculations by using drivers and assumptions for costs and volume.
  • Analyze impact on profitability by updating calculations in real time upon driver update from a sales and cost perspective.
  • Cohesive, tight and automated data integration across ECC, BW, and BPC all leveraging the power of HANA.
  • Flexible reporting views allowing slicing and dicing of data to better understand profitability by region, products and segments.

Akili Offerings

Akili provides proven best practices and rapidly configurable applications across numerous industries (e.g. MFG, Retail, CPG, etc.) and use cases.

Half Day Workshop

  • Outline current Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions
  • Discuss issues with the current environment and how BPC can be applied to these issues
  • Plan for a Roadmap Workshop



  • 2 Weeks
  • Analyze the current state of financial planning, reporting and analysis in your organization
  • Define specific goals and objectives
  • Develop Business Case
  • Create a roadmap to achieve your goals



  • 12+ weeks
  • Akili Methodology from Blueprint through Deploy
  • Training
  • Organizational Change Management


Solution Includes

  • SAP:  S/4HANA Finance, Simple Finance, BPC, BW, Fiori applications
  • Akili Inc.: Implementation services with Agile ASAP methodology, implementation

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