Sales & Operations Planning

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Our Sales & Operations Planning services enable your organization the ability to plan, collaborate, create scenarios, and update models - at scale and across your extended supply chain. Akili's S&OP solutions and best practice can help your company move away from spreadsheets and legacy systems to reduce your end-to-end supply chain cost, supporting growth and innovation.



challenges we see

Excel limitations

Excel cannot complete all of the needed calculations, track performance and collaborate

Lacks agility

Limited ability to do scenarios with legacy planning tools or Excel; hence not agile

Time consuming

Too slow to plan and replan due to speed of legacy tools, the number of legacy tools, and Excel


Sales, finance, marketing and executives are unable to have an active part in the S&OP process.


Supply chain for growth and innovation is misaligned with products and promotions driven by sales and marketing

Weak strategy

Spending more time combating and less time strategizing and forecasting

how akili can help


We bring your vision to life, and define the scope, responsibilities, timelines and deliverables to ensure consistency across the board


We've gathered over 25 years of experience in solution implementation, with the right team and resources that uniquely qualify us to manage every aspect of your sales and operations plan


We keep a steady focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and continuous cost management across your organization to keep you ahead of the competition

results you can expect

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