Akili has paired our 20+ years of Oil & Gas industry implementation services with SigmaFlow’s Well Delivery Solution, to deliver dramatic value in oil and gas exploration through multi-schedule management, process execution and analytical reporting tools.

As the demand for energy increases, upstream oil and gas companies must continuously seek new ways to optimize and improve operations – shortening timeframes to production and optimizing cash flow. SigmaFlow’s Well Delivery Solution provides a standardized method to easily manage and track all pre-drilling activities. Akili’s collective knowledge of industry best practices and key performance indicators (KPIs) drives our ability to deliver SigmaFlow’s solution to improve our clients KPI’s through technology.

Well Delivery Solution

  • Drilling and Rig Scheduling
  • Standardized Process Execution
  • Data and Document Management
  • Dashboard and Reporting
  • Data Integration
  • Preloaded Well Information

Process Execution

  • Optimization of Tasks
  • Many Tasks performed in parallel, rather than sequential
  • Management and control of process hand-offs
  • Users work “in the system,” enabling the system to be the single source of truth
  • Actionable transparency over all activities “in process”

Multi-schedule management

  • Accurate status of survey, construction, drilling, completions, and gathering parties on all projects improves scheduling and empowers agile schedule adjustment.
  • Multi-schedule management forecasts schedule dates for high-demand 3rd party contractors.
  • Hand-offs and rework are greatly minimized, reducing non-value added work.
  • Improved planning reduces idle time, eliminating the majority of waiting time.
  • Parallel Task performance reduces costs and increases rig utilization.
  • Risk indicators and notifications empower proactive management and reduce fire-fighting.

Forecasting Key Milestone Dates

  • Reduce risks of rig-down-time by:
    • Ensuring an inventory of ready-to-drill wells (Dashboard chart can illustrate the inventory of drilling days).
    • Using process risk indicators to fine-tune the schedule.
    • Instituting “Rig Move” process execution procedures and measurements.
  • Improve performance by:
    • Capturing the root-cause reasons for downtime.
    • Benchmarking Planned vs. Actual performance (Actuals data can be imported).
    • Improve collaboration by sharing the web-based schedule with service providers
  • Achieve better results with:
    • Impact Analysis: What-if analysis of various scheduling scenarios to find the best possible plan.
    • Indicators illuminate schedule delays, exceptions, and prioritization of critical work to meet schedules (My-Work and Daily Digest emails)

About SigmaFlow

SigmaFlow was founded in 2001 and  is a leading provider of Process Execution solutions. The company’s solution portfolio includes  Oil & Gas Well Delivery and  NERC CIP & 693 Compliance. SigmaFlow products place a strong emphasis on embedding domain knowledge through process-driven template-based-architecture. The company serves a diverse global portfolio of customers in the mid-range and enterprise marketplace. SigmaFlow is headquartered in Plano, Texas.

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