Our Sales Performance Management Consulting Services enable your organization to get their sales plans right – and keep them right to strategize, align, and optimize sales performance. Akili’s experience in SPM supports an effective sales strategy, aligns sales objectives and sales behaviors with your company goals while delivering equitable sales territories that ensure you have the proper sales coverage across your accounts.


Multiple sets of data

Collecting, analyzing, and reporting on sales data from multiple data.

Lack of coverage

Defining a territory coverage model to ensure all the right opportunities are touched.

Precision and Timeliness

Aligning quotes to overall revenue goals, making them fair and equitable and getting them out on time.

Impact on productivity

Late delivery of territory and quota assignments impacts rep productivity and morale.


Twice removed from spreadsheet plan, but still needs to defend and explain territories, reps, and distribution.

Missed Opportunity

Managing sales territory coverage gaps and reducing missed opportunity.


Fast quota sharing with reduced time to get quota sheets out to reps

Increased savings from visibility into commission expenses and reducing rep overpayments

Better visibility with a real-time view into your sales plan that’s connected across territories, reps, and goals

More control to set sales territory and detailed insights for sales management across multiple hierarchies