By David Allen | Pre-Sales Director for S/4HANA


May is a significant month for most people.  The end of school, the start of summer, the fun and adventure of a future vacation but for the SAP community it represents the annual Sapphire/ASUG Conference in Orlando, Florida.  If you happen to miss Sapphire 2017 this year, review the links below to get a glimpse into the event:

To start the conference, Bill McDermott set the stage with commitments of SAP to lead change and innovation for the new digital age and challenged everyone to reexamine their business.  This idea was supported by Michael Dell when he stated, “the digital transformation is not an IT project, it can’t be an IT project, it has to be an evolve your company CEO project”.  This is an important opportunity because of the expanding impact of technology is to a company’s success.  The next generation of technology is about connecting and leveraging data through the elimination of processes not just the sheer automation.  In his keynote to the Sapphire audience, Bill McDermott states “data is the new gold”.  He is talking about the SAP data you have in your system but also the data in all the devices around the company, with you partners, and available from your customers.  The use of data will be the differentiator and your competitive advantage for the next industry revolution.

No matter where you currently stand with your technology, it is important that companies understand that moving into a digital business is a journey and no two approaches will be the same.  Your industry, the competition, the current level of disruption, and the company’s strategic goals will drive your next technology roadmap.  If you are currently taking the approach that my current system works, the level of disruption in our industry is low, or the maintenance for my SAP ERP system is still valid until 2025, then you are still thinking about technology as a non-strategic asset.  Everyone needs to understand that business is changing, the disruption is real, and change is not optional.  The digital business will affect every company and every industry and you will either be the company that is leading the change or be the company going out of business because of the change.

Over the course of Sapphire, SAP provided real tangible examples of the use of SAP technologies such as SAP HANA, SAP S/4, and SAP Leonardo to drive the digital business and not just for the large enterprise.  SAP realizes that it is the small and medium size business that may need the most help in driving the digital transformation since those sized companies will deal with all of the complexities of the disruption but with less resources.  Overall, SAP is providing a footprint of technologies that can position every company to become a real-time business that leverages its data to proactively drive innovation and growth.

Many people will leave Sapphire with new a sense of energy about the SAP platform and how they can utilize these technologies to drive change within their own company but some will be overwhelmed and not know where to start.  Either way, Akili wants to help support you on your digital journey.  After being in business and technology consulting for over 25 years and a partner of SAP for the past 10 years, Akili knows what it means to deal with change.  The digital real time business will require changes in technology, changes in business processes, and changes in the roles of your people.  These changes will require an analysis of the possible and all of these changes will be centered around the leveraging data It will take a partner that will be agile in their process, transparent in their message, and successful delivery on their commitments.  Akili is that partner.

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