May you live in interesting times

– an ancient Chinese proverb

Interesting times indeed! We now live in an online, on demand, shared and subscription-based economy.

"The global market demands cloud-based, industry solutions for workers and customers."

An increasingly larger portion of our population shops online for just about everything (Amazon), watches television and movies on demand (DirecTV), shares transportation and rooms (Uber, Airbnb) and subscribes to music, toiletries, and entertainment (Spotify, Dollar Shave Club, Netflix). This seismic change in consumer behavior is creating massive disruptions for all industries and businesses. As a result, every enterprise needs to be agile and nimble to react to these fast changing global market conditions.

Good software is like oxygen for these enterprises. Every company uses software, whether it is a startup or a 100-year establishment. However, the legacy on premise software hosted in company owned data centers are like shackles that make it impossible for companies to react quickly. In today’s world, good software is cloud-based industry solutions for workers and customers.

Companies that are embracing the changes are rethinking everything about their business and making the necessary adjustments. Others are burying their heads in the sand and hoping this is a passing fad that goes away so they can return to the good old days.

May you live in interesting times – a blessing or a curse? It all depends on your perspective.

A thought, even a possibility, can shatter and transform us. – Friedrich Nietzsche

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