Anaplan Acquires Fluence. What Does This Mean for You?

At Akili, a proud implementation partner for both Anaplan and Fluence Technologies, we're buzzing with excitement about the recent acquisition of Fluence by Anaplan! This strategic move brings together two innovative leaders, creating a powerful platform for streamlined financial planning and analysis & consolidations. With Fluence joining the Anaplan family of products customers no


Balancing Supply and Demand in a Complex Landscape

In today's challenging business environment, characterized by inflation, global instability, and supply shortages, the task of aligning supply and demand is more critical than ever. Demand and supply planners must navigate these hurdles while aiming to meet customer expectations. Achieving harmony between supply and demand requires coordinated efforts, technological insights, and a deep understanding


Budget Season Headaches? A Humorous Take on the Struggles and Solutions

Budgeting is an essential function within FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis) teams, but let’s face it: the annual process can be a source of headaches and frustration. From wrangling spreadsheets to dealing with changing priorities to appeasing difficult participants, budgeting often presents unique challenges. In this blog post, we will


Core Values Series: Teamwork

At Akili we're bright as individuals, but even more brilliant as a team. We believe that great people working together can accomplish the extraordinary. This is our core value of Teamwork. Teamwork is so important in the professional world because it encourages new ideas, helps to solve problems, builds morale and encourages support. Teams


Employee Spotlight: Meet Ben Schoen

Our Akili Employee Spotlight Series continues as we introduce Ben Schoen. This week we learned more about this Missouri-based consultant and his role. Tell us more about your role and what you like most about it. I am a Senior Consultant at Akili. What I like most about my role is the problem-solving and hands-on


How Scenario Planning leads to Supply Chain Resiliency

By Sid Powar | COE Director of Supply Chain When paired with optimized financial decisions, a resilient supply chain is a powerful weapon. Supply Chain Resilience means building flexibility and to some degree, requires changing the corporate culture. It can reduce cost, increase revenue, improve customer experience and provide a competitive edge for your

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