Designed to meet the demands of the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

Discover how Akili can help empower hospitality organizations to plan, model, and forecast for the future.

The hospitality industry contends with a myriad of challenges: unpredictable customer demand and seasonal swings that play havoc with staffing, inventory, and budgets. Add in high turnover and labor shortages, and managing staff becomes an art form. Unpredictable food costs and supply chain challenges only further complicate profitability. It’s a juggling act that demands foresight and a singular platform to manage, plan, and adapt to the evolving climate.

Enhancing Hospitality Excellence

Operational Alignment 

Alignment between strategy and operational plans is vital to execution​

  • Top-Down – target setting aligned with a strategic plan​
  • Bottom Up – flexible platform to plan across locations and departments that are aligned with Top-Down plan​
  • Labor Plans aligned to operational KPIs to ensure proper staffing/coverage and highlight any potential gaps

Agility and Flexibility

Real-time modeling that can validate/test multiple scenarios​

  • Flex/Update operational and economic drivers of the business to quantify the real-time financial impact of decisions​
  • Accommodates planning granularity to accurately predict and manage food costs (prices) and profitability​
  • Business-owned models that can easily evolve with the organization

Reporting and Analytics

Empower all types of users to leverage purpose-built dashboards of information​

  • Review and analyze Financial Statements, pixel perfect management reports, and KPIs in real time
  • Data agnostic platform that can integrate all types of data​
  • Dashboards that enable collaboration between locations and corporate

Start Planning for Tomorrow

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